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Using The Zapper

1. Wrap the handholds in one layer of wet paper towel, cotton napkins or thin cotton cloth before using. Do the same with the foot electrodes and place the wet napkins there as well. Grasp the electrodes securely. The other end of the cables, ending with RCA connector, plug it into Zapper to any connector.  Water is used to improve zapping performance. Use for greater efficiency of zapping the water with a small amount of sea salt without additives (optional) or just a clear water.

2. Zap for 7 minutes, let go of the handholds, turn off the zapper, and rest from 20 to 30 minutes. Then start the zapping again for 7 minutes, then rest again, and then a final 7 minutes of zapping. Total of three times 7 minutes zapping with 20 to 30 minutes rest periods during the zapping.

It has been found in practice that by using electrodes for each leg separately rapidly increase efficiency of Zapper. The supplement of this ZAPPER unit together with the hand and two separate leg electrodes is not usual. This unit of Zapper is supplied with both, two hand and two foot electrodes.

  Comparison of the results of users using the zapper with or without the foot electrodes.
                                 The percentage of successful users with very good results is >75%
ProblemHand electrodes Foot electrodes Overall positive results
Influenza35.3% 77.8%89.6%  

How often to use ZAPPER?

The ideal use of zapper device is 3 x 7 consecutive minutes with breaks between each treatment for about 20 - 30 minutes. During the first month use the device every day. Then at least once a week. Gradually, the usage time may be increased to 3 x 20 minutes. When there is the flu or other viruses, use the Zapper several times a day (3 to 4 times). As stated above, before use, moisten your hands and wrap the electrodes with a damp paper towel or thin linen cloth. This device is suitable to use with two foot electrodes that provide up to 65% greater efficiency.

Important Notice

Persons with metal implants, pacemakers or similar device and pregnant women may use the ZAPPER only after consultation with the doctor! Occasionally, due to a DC voltage may occur in sensitive individuals in the areas of skin contact with the electrodes rash. If the electrodes are attached to other locations on the body (abdomen, groin area) can be, and it is due to sensitive skin, rash. Nevertheless, there have not been any negative response so far from the patients who have been implemented the stents into their bloodstream or who have been implemented similar metallic devices in their bodies.

It is prohibited to use the ZAPPER unconscious persons or persons who cannot articulate themselves (small children). The use of Zapper is on your own responsibility as the device is not officialy attested as a medical device to date!

After zapping you may feel tired after a few days. It is quite normal reaction of the organism and is described in the book of Dr. Clark.

Function Of Zapper
(by Hulda Regehr Clark Ph. D., N. D.)

There is no need to search for individual frequency band or step through one kHz. It is irrelevant at what frequency the device is set as it kills all the big and small pathogens: flukes, roundworms, mites, bacteria, viruses or fungi. Destroys all at once in just seven minutes, and that's at a voltage of five volts. How does it work? I believe that anywhere on the body of applied positive voltage attracts all negatively charged objects, such as bacteria. It seems that a positive voltage is pulled from positions between the cell channels. However, these channels may be negatively charged.

Another possible explanation is that the pulsating positive voltage disrupts the flow of electrons in one of their essential metabolic processes or expands ATP molecule and prevents its cleavage. These questions can only be answered laboratory to examine the effects of positive frequencies on bacteria. The most important question, however, was whether the action of these frequencies can have a detrimental effect on humans. I did not ever register any changes in blood pressure, body temperature or attention. Never avoid painful symptoms. Conversely. Often appeared immediate relief from long-term pain. This finding by itself the security of new treatment methods confirm. Its absolute harmlessness need not convince even the fact that the application of these frequencies we use a nine-volt battery. It is necessary to carefully examine for example the eventual possibility of precipitation of red blood cells, platelet aggregation or malfunctions dependent cell surface charges. It will, however, need not preclude you try this treatment. The security guarantees relatively short course of the entire process. Viruses and bacteria are destroyed it in three minutes, nematodes and mites within five to seven minutes. Beyond this limit, it is not necessary to extend zapping although there were no adverse effects even at any length action.

After the first application (the first seven minutes) followed by a pause of duration 20-30 minutes. During her from dying parasites release the bacteria and viruses that are trying to attack you then.

The purpose of the second application is thus destroy the newly released viruses and bacteria. If you miss it you may suddenly show symptoms of colds, tonsillitis or other problems. After the second phase follows during which the viruses are released from the dying bacteria.

These viruses then destroy through the third application.

Do not apply zapper during pregnancy and if you have a pacemaker. These situations have not been sufficiently explored. There have not  been reported any negative effects with the children using zapping from the eighth month of age.

That is all. Actually, almost everything. Zapping current does not penetrate into the eyeball, testis and limited to the bowel contents. Even to get gallstones or living cells, in which the latent stage dwells herpes virus or has his fingers yeast Candida. Applications zapping three times a day for a week or longer, however, can shrink the population of these organisms to zero.

The device Zapper is designed to use for the experiment purposes as it isn't stated as a medical device. Finalzapper is the frequency generator of positive impulses.

Zapper is a simple but very effective instrument. It is based mainly on the lifelong research of Dr. Hulda Clark who published her findings in the book "The Cure for all Diseases" and other books. Dr. Hulda Clark and many other researchers have found that a weak DC pulsed current of positive polarity kills parasites in the body. This includes all types of worms, bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as cancer cells, and other pathogenic tissue. There is an interesting connection with Dr. Reich research that brought him to the realization that the cancer cells are new parasitic organisms formed from the decaying biomass of de-energized tissue. Dr. Clark, a molecular biologist and medical doctor who practiced natural treatment, studied parasites all her life and the zapper was the latest step in her treatment philosophy. She concluded that virtually all diseases are caused by either parasites or toxins.

How Czech Zapper Works

All parasites and diseased tissues are positively charged. Zapper introduces negative ions through the skin into the living tissue of the human body, kills the parasites by reversing their polarity and also helping to heal the diseased tissue. Healthy tissue is negatively charged. The zapper's circuitry is integrated circuit 555 which gives a nice positive offset square wave of direct current of a certain frequency. "Positive offset" is a wave form which has the characteristics of alternating current. This may be important in the long run because it does not change the natural electromagnetic field polarity of the body.

The weak electric current eliminates parasites. The parasites enjoy well they thrive on all the vitamins, herbs and minerals that you take to correct the problems caused by the same parasites. You get only the leftovers.

When you start using a zapper, you eat those expensive herbs, vitamins and minerals and you'll get your benefit instead of paying the passengers.

The parasites cannot defend their positive polarity (shortage of electrons) against the introduction of simple direct current, and in his presence they die very quickly. The negative ions kill parasites, whether originating from an electric current, ozone, or magnets. The most effective method for getting rid of them is the zapper.

The parasites being exposed to an electric current not only die, but disintegrate and are easily eliminated or assimilated as harmless nutrients. In fact, because they get the most benefit from expensive supplements that you eat for years, it could be your big nutritional payoff.

Viruses and fungi inside the cells, parasites in cysts, parasites with exoskeletons (as hookworms in the peripheral tissues), etc., are being killed more slowly, but the clearing of the blood and lymph, the major organ ducts, the intestinal and stomach lining, the brain and central nervous system from Parasites, your immune system can soon be tremendous, and the immediate immune system boost when the hidden parasites come out of cysts and protected areas.

This happens only by a weak electric current passes through the skin effectively, which is the body's capacitor and protects our inside from random electrical charges, like static electricity, which could otherwise harm us. Dr. Clark says that you can achieve adequate results from simply holding one electrode of the battery and tapping into the lead of another battery for 10 minutes, but the frequency zapper is a more effective way to get current into the body.

Zappers do not kill parasites because of certain frequencies. This is often confused when you see other producers of Zappers advertising their various frequencies. Zapper kills parasites and dissolves pathogenic tissue because it generates an electrical voltage, not because of the resonance frequency. This said Hulda Clark when she talked about Toucan finger at the second pole of the battery.

The Czech Made Zapper was awarded by Dr. Clark as one of the world's best tools for the implementation of the "Zapping" when she visited the Czech Republic in 2008. She herself bought one here. The Czech Awarded Zapper is best documented instrument in terms of efficiency and width of the frame on various health problems.

The Final Zapper is an analog device and operates at a frequency 2500HZ and at 90% cycle with a source of 12-volt lithium-ion polymer bateries. The output voltage is 10 volts. Czech Zapper produces only positive frequency spectrum of harmonic frequencies! The leading edge is not deform under load!

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